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  • Quality screens, competitive prices

    No need to walk around with cracked iPhone screens anymore. Get your phone back to looking new again with a new Glass/LCD & Digitizer Screen Replacement! We beat all local prices! Guaranteed!

    We guarantee a new life for your device

    30-day warranties on all of our replacement parts we use for your iDevices!

    We service all iPhones and iPads same day!

    Need a replacement screen? We got it! Battery dies quickly and need a new battery? We got it! Whatever your iDevice needs we have it and can do it for you with quality parts and professional service!

  • So your phone slipped out of your hands and hit the concrete eh?? No worries. We can fix that! We replace the cracked glass and or LCD/Digitizer in no time! ;)

  • Phone wont keep a charge? Dies within minutes? Well your phone is trying to tell you to get a new battery. So get one today!

  • When plugging your device up using the USB cord and nothing happens means its time for a charger port replacement. Get the power and data transfer your phone can again offer by getting this replaced.

  • Toilet, sink, rain, pool, ocean, coffee, water etc. Depending on the severity of the liquid damage, we can get your device back to its working state again with our liquid damage service.

  • Camera app not launching? When launched shows black screen or lines throughout the picture? Then get the front or back camera replaced so you can see the HD quality your device has to offer.

  • Is your phone bent, scratched, cracked on the exterior and or sides? Well if so, then it might be time for a new frame/housing replacement.

  • The iPhone 4 and 4s is known for its back glass cracking or shattering so we can fix that for you with a replacement today!

  • Cant power down your phone? Power button seems to be stuck or sticking? If so, get this button fixed and replaced to save you stress you don't need.

  • Popular Repair Services

    Throughout our daily lives we use technology to make things just a little more easier. We use mobile devices from cellphones to laptops for communication with loved ones, friends and associates. So its probably best to say that we need our devices to be at tip top shape and in the best condition possible for communicating. No need to have any cracked screens or obstacles preventing this when DWB (Dom's Wireless Bar) is around ;) So check out our popular repair services below.

  • iPhone 6 is the latest Apple iPhone to date selling over 10 million devices already. So no wonder why this is our most popular device that we repair. From Glass/LCD Screen replacements to batteries, we seem to always have customers that need our repair services owning this type of model.

  • Apple's first Multi-Color (3 or more) iPhone model. It too is a very popular model that customers seem to have. No matter the color of this unique iPhone we can give you the best repair services needed for your device.

  • Apple's first iPhone model to introduce the "finger print scanner" feature. It is an updated version of Apple's original iPhone 5 model with a boost of speed and performance; another popular device from our customers.

  • *Most repair times will vary between 30min-2hrs depending on the type of service and the scheduled customers ahead of you.

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