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  • iPhone Repair in Riverside California

    As being a resident of Riverside, CA Dom has wanted to reach out to the community with offering a service to get a iphone repair in Riverside CA and other surrounding cities such as Corona. Not only do we offer iPhone repairs but, also customizations for iPhones. Our most popular is the custom iphone 6 in various luxurious colors. We are very well known throughout the Riverside County area due to our awesome customer satisfaction. Another reason why Dom's Wireless Bar was brought to the area was because there isn't an Apple Store in Riverside CA. So instead of residents having to travel 40+ miles just to get their iPhones repaired they can now make the trip straight down the 91 fwy and come see Dom. Check out the Youtube video below:

     Cell Phone Repair Riverside CA:

  • iPhone Repair

    iphone repair riverside ca

    We specialize in repairs and customizations on iPhone mobile devices including the latest model(s). Let us know what you have and we should be able to give you the quality parts and service your device craves for!

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