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  • Where do I ship my device to?
    • You can ship to our repair office at:
      Dom’s Wireless Bar
      4193 Flat Rock Rd.
      Suite #200
      Riverside, CA 92505
    How long does it take for you guys to receive my device?

    Local repairs at our shop take on average 30min-1hr max. For Mail-In Repairs it depends on the Mailing Service you choose. We recommend using USPS Priority Shipping which comes with a tracking number to see where your package is and when it’s delivered. It normally takes 2-3 business days max to get to us if you choose this option.

    When will I have my device back?

    We have two return shipping options for you. We offer the USPS Priority 1-3 days shipping(normally only takes 2 days) and the USPS Express 1-2 days shipping(normally only takes 1 day)

    Will I be notified once my item is received?

    We will send you an email as soon as we have your device.

    What if I have a cracked screen or other damage to my device before I send it in to get a customized housing?

    If your device is damaged or some features don’t work then simply purchase the service it requires listed on our website. If it is not listed then please give us a call/text at 951-376-5201 to discuss your options.

    Why should I choose Dom’s Wireless Bar over other businesses?

    You should definitely choose us over other businesses because we first always provide great customer service and leaving our clients happy. You can see for yourself on YELP ,  Facebook and Instagram. We offer the exact same quality of service and items at a way more affordable price than our competition. Also we are licensed by the state of California with a filed business LLC. We also have liability insurance to protect and cover all our clients’ devices we service.

    What is an “iPhone Housing?”

    An iPhone Housing is the entire rear cover of your device. It is more durable and stunning than just a temporary case. Instead of being stuck with the original housing colors that Apple offers, you can now choose your very own luxurious and unique colors that you want your device to have. 🙂

    Is the Housing the same as a regular iPhone case?

    No. it is completely different. For an example: If your device is slightly bent or has scratches/dings then the customized housing is definitely the option you should choose. When you do, the entire rear of your phone will be brand new again and fully customized.

    Will the new iPhone housing change how my phone functions?

    No. Your phone will work 100% as it did before the custom housing was applied.

    Do I get to keep my original housing?

    Yes. We will send it back to you with your new customized and or repaired device.

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